Exquisite Corpse

Original Nfts of legendary characters
group of 8 exquisite corpse nfts

-what is exquisite corpse-

Exquisite Corpse is a collection of 512 NFT corpses living on the block chain and building a community of artists and art collectors. True to the game upon which it is based, each corpse is hand drawn and features a combination of attributes from your favorite classic characters.

-The project-

Exquisite corpse is not just a simple NFT project but the first step to something bigger. We are building a community of artists and art enthusiasts so that we can put the power back into the hands of the creatives. Too much talent has gone unnoticed and too many artists are forced to work 9-5 jobs instead of spending their time making the world a more beautiful place. We want artists to focus on what they love, and enthusiasts to have access to all the amazing projects. This project will provide artist with;
Invisible man exquisite corps nft
  • connections to other artists so that they can critique and collaborate
  • guidance and resources so they can monetize their work with their own NFTs
  • increase the visibility of their work
  • direct communication with enthusiasts in the community to promote and sell their work
Mummy exquisite corps nft

-Our community-

Our community is based around one idea, creating an environment that promotes collaboration and long term success for artists. To achieve this goal, we are structuring our community in the following way:


Although we will allow anyone to apply and be added to our community, individuals that own an Exquisite Corpse NFT will have additional privilege's including voting and whitelisting on all future projects.


Participation is key to our success. We will have different mechanisms to ensure engagement within the community including monthly giveaways, live Q/A sessions, roadmap updates, and quarterly collaborations so that members are involved in all future project launches.


Members in the community will be able to submit their art or NFT projects and be eligible to receive funding from our founders and other members of the community. Additionally, we will promote one artists work on our social channels each month.


We want to foster success in our community. We will provide all NFT holders with training and resources so that they have the ability to create and monetize their artwork, as well as networking with fellow artists, nft enthusiasts, and collectors.


Chandelier exquisite corps nft
hand draw organ instrument


Launch of website, discord, and social channels.


IN PROGRESS: Live minting of first 128 Exquisite Corpse of series one begins featuring our first three corpse variations on Opensea using a Dutch auction. Opening price set at .4 ETH and the auction will run for one month.


Multi-channel marketing begins and continued building of Exquisite Corps community on Discord using proceeds from initial sales.


Launch of remaining 384 Exquisite Corpse in series one with the same format and price of original launch. Work begins on series two with 8 all new Exquisite Corpses.


Completed sale of all 512 Exquisite Corpse's series one. Community votes on the next NFT project from a list of prompts. Invitations to artists from our community to participate. Fully funded by our team with shared royalties for the community!

Phantom corpse head nft
hand draw organ instrument

Who we are

The warm bodies behind the corpses

Exquisite corpse started as a game. The game was just a couple of artists collaborating with one another to create something unique. When we started this project, we knew we wanted to use this platform to perform a service to people in the real world, and in that spirit we want to collaborate with other artists to help us accomplish our goal. As we grow, we want our aspirations to grow with us, and the only way to grow is through the help of others.

Frankenstein monster


The artist



The techie

Bride of Frankenstein


The NFT Enthusiast